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About Our Services

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions for WordPress Themes

  • In what way do you accept payment?

    We accept payments through all types of Debit and Credit cards and PayPal also.

  • What is the process for first-time purchasing themes?

    You just have to go to the related theme page and press the ‘Buy Now’ button and then you can check out to get the theme.

  • Do you provide any documentation?

    Yes. We provide. Every theme page you will see a ‘Buy Now’ button with the relevant documentation related to the theme.

  • Can we apply for renewals?

    Off course you can. You can apply for annual payments for all of our themes and plugins. You can cancel subscription anytime just by informing us via an email. Also, for all theme renewals, you can ask for additional discounts.

  • What will the effect if I do not renew the theme?

    If you do not renew the theme, you won’t get any support and updates about the theme. Apart from this, you won’t be able to access the account of downloads. Otherwise, the theme would execute smoothly as it will be applied to client side so it won’t affect your web design.

  • Can you resell your product?

    No. We won’t resell, rent, or sublicense our themes. Also we cannot allow the third-party to use your account or the theme that we have provided to you.

  • Do we have to pay for theme customization?

    Yes. For heavy customization, you need to work on full layout or include some very special plugins that costs around $15 per hour. Easy and simple customization can be done with the theme support.

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